Wilfred American Educational Corporation

Wilfred American Educational Corporation (“WAEC”) was the parent company of the following schools: Wilfred Academy of Hair and Beauty Culture, which had multiple locations, American Business Institute, which had multiple locations, and the Washington School for Secretaries. In January 1992, the Trustee in Bankruptcy and the Bankruptcy Court appointed Margaret Orem as President and Chief Executive Officer of Wilfred American Educational Corporation. 

Status of Wilfred American Educational Corporation and its schools

WAEC no longer has any active operations as of June 24, 1994. However, Ms. Orem has continues to respond to requests for information from former employees and students.

Status of the student records

Student records were offered to the accrediting bodies and to each of the states where a school was located. Only the State of New York chose to accept custody of the records of schools located in New York State; however, it does not have the resources to manage responding to all applicable student requests. All remaining student records for schools located in other states have been destroyed. Many states that required that hours be reported by the school to the state have sunset provisions, and records are no longer available.

Types of student requests for verification of enrollment, graduation, hours completed, etc.

Students are frequently referred to Margaret Orem by schools, state education departments, state boards of cosmetology, job counselors, and other former students. She obtains the authority from each former student to research his or her particular status and provide a response. Fo rmer students often request information about their student records for three main reasons:


1. Students who attended a Wilfred Academy of Hair and Beauty Culture (Wilfred) need confirmation of hours. This confirmation is necessary in order to qualify to take cosmetology state board exams or to enroll in cosmetology schools with advanced standing. Such enrollment might be necessary for a student in order to brush up to take a state board exam or to earn additional hours if the state requirements are in excess of the hours that the student earned at the Wilfred school. Without state licensing, former students cannot practice their craft. Without certification of hours by Wilfred, students will be required by a state board of cosmetology to complete the full program again at another school before they sit for the board exam, even if they have graduated from a Wilfred school.

2. Students may attempt to receive promotion in the Armed Forces and verification of education may help qualify them for such promotions.

3. Students may attempt to transfer hours to a school to receive credit as they pursue additional education, such as an Associate or Baccalaureate degree.

Clich Here for Instructions on Receiving Transcripts,
Proof of Graduation, Transfer Documents, Certificates, etc. from:

Wilfred Academy of Hair & Beauty Culture,
American Business Institute or
Washington School for Secretaries